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Qualified Bekam Specialists In Singapore. We also provide services such as Gurah, Traditional Malay Massage and Sunnah Products.

Highly-Trained Bekam Specialist

We are qualified Bekam Specialists with certificates from the Homeopathy of Malaysia (Pasir Mas). We have over 4 years of Hijamah and our expertise includes Traditional Malay Massage, Gurah and Sunnah Products.

Free Consultation

Every client comes with consultation which includes basic information on Hijamah, Gurah, Massage and Sunnah Products.

Customer-Service Oriented

We believe in spreading the Sunnah by doing to our best of ability to service our customers base on their needs and wants. While staying true to the ways of the Prophet s.a.w.


Why don't we do house visits? or hijamah after maghrib? And other FAQS. Click on the FAQs.

Our Bekam And Massage Specialists

The Messenger s.a.w said, "Whoever performs cupping (hijama) on the 17th, 19th or 21st day (of the Islamic, lunar month) then it is a cure for every disease." [Saheeh Sunan abi Dawud (3861)].


Over 6 years experience in the art of Bekam Hijamah and Traditional Massage for Muslimah. She also graduated with a Degree in Biomedical Science.

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Haji Anwar

Over many years in the art of Traditional Massage, Haji Anwar is well known for his Traditional Malay Massage and Bekam Hijamah. He do provide excellent service to his clients.

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Over 6 years experience in the art of Bekam Hijamah. He has treated over 3000 patients with his unique Bekam Hijamah techniques. He is known for his knowledge in Sunnah Products.

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What Our Clients Say About Bekam Hijamah Singapore

Hear What Our Clients Say About Our Services And How They Felt After Their Session.

  • Assalamualaikum to everyone! In July 2014 I had heart issue and doctor wanted to do a procedure but I refused. Later I heard about bekam hijamah and tried it. Alhamdulilah Hj.Anwar did the massage and bekam for me. After a few sessions, I feel much better, healthier and energized. I can't thank enough to what Hj.Anwar has done and help me to get better. I am very grateful and blessed for his services and getting to know him. Not forgetting the huge amount of money I have saved compared to the procedure at the hospital. The amount of money I've paid for the sessions and the betterment of my health I experience now is beyond compared. I strongly recommend to all of you regardless of your health conditions to do this bekam or/and massage for your health and longevity InshaAllah. You do not have to be sick to get better. Thank you Subahan-Allah!

  • I went for this Bekam Therapy last week, as I had a aching back which had trouble me even while standing up or sitting down. Almost 3-4hrs after the massage n Bekam Therapy, I felt that the pain has subside. And after a good night's sleep and rest, I felt like a new man. The pain subsided by 70%. You wouldn't believe what I saw when Haji Anwar did the Bekam and showed me the toxins n dirty blood that came out of my flesh! I plan to do this once every mth to keep the toxins n dirty blood to a min. Terima kaseh Haji Anwar.

  • When I did my first bekam, Sis Zara from Bekam Hijamah advised me to watch what I eat: no eggs, no seafood except fish, no red meat, no caffeine (this is crazy because I love my teh tarik). Keep putting off doing the blood test till 2 weeks ago. Results came in yesterday. Everything cleared. No more high cholesterol. Blood sugar level was normal (this one most important because of my maternal family history of diabetes).

  • After birth, I had my fibroids ballooned to 26cm. during my section, they couldn't take them out, afraid of the risk of them performing hysterectomy. With Allah grace and love, I came to know Bekam Hijamah and read about it. Sis Zahra helped me with hijamah and give me full consultation on how to take care of myself. In just 3 sessions, my fibroids have gone down to 15cm! Lesser than the initial measurements! And I will continue to do Hijamah for overall maintenance of my immune system and health.

  • I will definitely be coming back to do my regular maintenance sessions with Bekam Hijamah, In Shaa Allah.  Thank you, Mr Muhammad. Excellent job done! Alhamdulillah.

  • Three weeks ago my wife get this contact and she made booking right away and she had her session done and she did it her second with me on the same date. 
Bekan Hijamah is a brother and sister combination. Ladies who are interested may call Zara at 9657 0771 and for men, Muhd at 9678 1574.